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                                                            15 MAY 20XX


From: Commanding Officer, XXXX…

To:   President, Association of Aviation Ordnancemen






Encl: (1) Biography

      (2) Full-length 5x7 photo

      (3) Evaluations (Current plus past 2)

      (4) Joint Services Transcripts (JST) “Combo” report

      **If there are courses/classes/degrees that have yet to be included in       the JST report, attach them here**

      (5) Personal Award Citations


1.  Per reference (a), (Command) proudly nominates (RATE) KINETIC A. BOOMER as our candidate for the 20XX John W Finn Aviation Ordnanceman of the Year award.


2.  The following information is provided:


      a. Name/Rate: Self-Explanatory


      b. Date and place of enlistment: Self-Explanatory


      c. Advancement history:


            (1) E1:  Self-Explanatory


            (2) E2:  Self-Explanatory


            (3) E3:  Self-Explanatory


            (4) E4:  Self-Explanatory


            (5) E5: (if applicable)


            (6) E6: (if applicable)


      d. Dependents:


(1) Spouse: Willie P. Boomer


            (2) Son:    Willie P. Boomer Jr. (13)


            (3) Daughter:  Wilma P. Boomer (10)


      e. Brief synopsis of significant professional achievements warranting selection:


            (1) Petty Officer XXXXX is UNEQUIVOCALLY MY NUMBER #1 First Class Petty Officer out of 9 Detachments ENCOMPASSING 377 Sailors and was selected as a finalist for the PACFLT SHORE SAILOR OF THE YEAR 2015, the SAILOR OF THE YEAR FOR NAVY MUNITIONS COMMAND… CONUS DIVISION 2014 and NAVY MUNITIONS COMMAND CONUS 2014!  A SUPERIOR leader who gets the job done right every time and EXCEEDS all expectations!  Serving as the Leading Chief Petty Officer for NAVY MUNITIONS COMMAND DET XXXXX due to a gapped AOCS billet, she provided sound guidance and leadership to Sailors and civilians across five divisions during 238 weapons evolutions, including coordinating the transfer of over 883 tons of ammunition and ordnance related items while maintaining 100% accountability.  AO1 XXXXX’s outstanding leadership, professional attitude, and technical expertise are the driving force of this commands continued success!  Consistently “LEADS FROM THE FRONT” and is most deserving of the title of THE JOHN W. FINN AVIATION ORDNANCEMAN OF THE YEAR FOR 2015.


            (2) As the Leading Petty Officer for the Quality Assurance Division and senior Quality Assurance/Safety Observer (QA/SO) she…


(3) With every major evolution she is involved with, especially with the “out of the ordinary” requirements, AO1 XXXXX is always OUT IN FRONT. 


            (4) During the offload of 78 Tomahawk Missiles from a USS CHAVEZ, T-AKE class ship; the first time ever to pull into Pier Bravo, AO1…


            (5) AO1 XXXXX was the lead military representative in the multi-faceted ordnance inspections that encompassed…  


            (6) A leader by example, she was the first of four Sailors who completed requirements for Airfield Operators License qualifications at…


            (7) AO1 XXXXX provided sage advice while increasing the combat readiness of 11 squadrons…


            (8) As a causative research analyst and Quality Assurance Archive Monitor she personally researched 32 internal/external transactional…


            (9) As the Senior Section Leader and Watch bill coordinator, she meticulously…


            (10) AO1 XXXXX is a model petty officer and a highly motivated leader!  A SUPERSTAR amongst her peers, also serving as the detachment’s President for the First Class Petty Officers Association.


            (11) A focused, proactive mentor for 43 Sailors!  Through her engaged leadership style and unmatched resourcefulness, she…


            (12) As the Command Fitness Leader, she reinforced the Navy’s “physical training three times a week” standard to a whole new level.  She introduced…  


      f.  Awards:


Awards                        Command                       Date

Sailor of the Year            Self-Explanatory              DEC 2014

Sailor of the Year            Self-Explanatory              OCT 2014

Sailor of the Quarter         Self-Explanatory              MAR 2014

Sailor of the Quarter         Self-Explanatory              SEP 2013

Navy/Marine Corps             Self-Explanatory              MAR 2015

Commendation Medal

Navy/Marine Corps             Self-Explanatory              JAN 2013

Achievement Medal(3RD)

Navy/Marine Corps             Self-Explanatory              JUL 2012

Achievement Medal(2ND)

Navy/Marine Corps             Self-Explanatory              NOV 2010

Achievement Medal(1ST)

Good Conduct Medal(3RD)       Self-Explanatory              SEP 2012

Good Conduct Medal(2ND)       Self-Explanatory              SEP 2009

Navy “E” Ribbon (3RD)         Self-Explanatory              DEC 2009

Navy “E” Ribbon (2ND)         Self-Explanatory              DEC 2008

Navy “E” Ribbon (1ST)         Self-Explanatory              DEC 2006

Humanitarian Service Medal    Self-Explanatory              JUL 2008

Global War on Terrorism       Self-Explanatory              OCT 2005

Expeditionary Medal (1st)

Navy Sea Service              Self-Explanatory              NOV 2006

Deployment Ribbon (3RD)

Navy Sea Service              Self-Explanatory              JUL 2008

Deployment Ribbon (2ND)

Navy Sea Service              Self-Explanatory              AUG 2009

Deployment Ribbon (1ST)       Self-Explanatory              AUG 2008

Letter of Commendation        Self-Explanatory              MAR 2014

Letter of Commendation        Self-Explanatory              SEP 2014

Letter of Appreciation        Self-Explanatory              JUN 2013

Letter of Appreciation        Self-Explanatory              APR 2013

Letter of Appreciation        Self-Explanatory              MAY 2013

Letter of Appreciation        Self-Explanatory              MAY 2013

Flag Letter of Commendation   Self-Explanatory              MAR 2008


      g. Community involvement:


            (1) AO1 XXXXX believes in service to both the military and civilian community.  She was selected as the Association of Aviation Ordnancemen, San Diego Chapter President, entrusted to manage and safeguard over $6,000 in chapter funds.  She…  


            (2) AO1 XXXXX volunteered over 50 hours with the Navy and Marine Relief Corps Society Thrift Shop at…


            (3) As the NMC Det XXXXX’s MWR Vice President, she organized several fundraisers in support of the annual picnic/OIC Cup Challenge and the 2014 holiday party.  AO1 XXXXX co-led seven car washes, four Rubio’s fundraisers, four barbeques, five breakfast sales and five bake sales which rose over $8,000.


            (4) AO1 XXXXX participated with Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) Program's 27th Annual Bay Bridge Run/Walk held…


            (5) Due to AO1 XXXXX’s sustained and dedicated service to her community she earned the Meritorious Volunteer Service Medal (MOVSM) in 2014.


      i. Commanding Officer’s Comments: AO1 XXXXX is undoubtedly the MOST motivated and skilled Ordnanceman I have ever observed in my 28 years of service.  She is a dynamic leader, with razor sharp foresight, unparalleled dedication to the Navy, personnel, and mission success.  The lasting, positive effect she has on today’s leaders…



                              I. M. DeSkipper







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