AAO Charter

-- The objectives of the Association of Aviation Ordnancemen shall be to promote the professionalism of the aviation ordnance rate within the United States Navy, Marine Corps, and the Department of Defense. To promote all aspects of ordnance handling safety, and to provide technical and professional support whenever possible to AVIATION ORDNANCEMEN in the fleet.

-- To bring about improved communications and increased cooperation between the AVIATION ORDNANCEMEN and the personnel responsible for the design and procurement of weapons systems, components, associated hardware, and related handling support equipment.

-- To continually improve and promote ordnance safety, encourage proper and consistent supervision of ordnance evolutions. To make "ZERO" personnel error caused explosive mishaps our primary goal.

-- Provide and promote recognition and remembrance of those AVIATION ORDNANCEMEN who have sacrificed their lives for their country, by supporting the memorial scholarship fund established by the National Association.

-- Provide the support necessary for the establishment and maintenance of THE AVIATION ORDNANCEMEN'S museum.

-- Foster positive community relations and enhance the image of the United States Navy and the AVIATION ORDNANCEMEN profession.

-- To promote the fellowship of AVIATION ORDNANCEMEN worldwide.

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